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Eylem Turkish Delight Dinle

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If you want a little Turkish delight I got some for you Don't you know its going to taste o so right You want more its true Your watching me I'm watching you No body wants to make a move I'mfeeling hot I think you know Your in the frame Were set to go Temptation lets start kissing You see what You have been missing One spike can light The fire release Our true desires If you want to try something new Got to tell you what you must do Take a chance on tonight And try a little tude Delight, delight Don't want to rush I like it slow And easy is the way to go This is the night You wont forget I'll promise you No regrets temptation lets start kissing u'll see what u have been missing one spike can lightthe fire release our true desires If u wanna litte tr delight I got some for u Don't u known it s gonna taste oh so right You want more it s true I got what you want baby You just gotta look a little bit closser I got what u need babyy

Eylem Turkish Delight Dinle

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